SUDA Ahead of the Curve

Sustainable urban development requires transportation systems that are affordable, practical and convenient, and able to replace today's over-reliance on travel by personal automobile.

Sustainable transportation includes walking and bicycling -- also known as active transportation -- and public transportation.  Sustainable transportation may include motorized transport that is highly efficient and fueled by non-polluting energy.

Mission Critical: A Rapid Transit Network to End Congestion and Fight Climate Change -- SUDA has presented a broad vision for an urgent and major expansion of the rapid transit network in the core of the Toronto area - one which goes beyond existing plans, and seizes the opportunity to move Toronto forward to realize benefits well in excess of the costs of implementation.  To read the report, click here.

Focus on Highway 401:  The new government of Ontario has the opportunity to address the need for a new approach to resolve worsening congestion on Highway 401 in the core of the Greater Toronto Area.  SUDA recommends that a detailed review be undertaken by the Government of Ontario of an affordable rapid transit line across the northern half of Toronto that can attract enough ridership to ensure the ongoing functionality of the highway.  The 401RT is discussed in the Mission Critical report mentioned above (page 6), or in a separate document here

Gardiner Expressway Removal -- SUDA has proposed that the entire elevated portion of the Gardiner Expressway east of the Humber River can be removed if a new LRT is extended westward from a Roncesvalles/King/Queen subway station on a completed downtown relief subway line, and if some road modifications are also made.  SUDA believes that this opportunity renders current commitments to rebuild the eastern portion of the Gardiner Expressway counterproductive to building a sustainable urban environment.  Click here to view SUDA's 2013 report.