Newburg: Embracing High Density at the Urban Fringe

"Newburg: Embracing High Density at the Urban Fringe" is a highly illustrative document that describes a unique model of high  density yet family-friendly city-building that is suitable for the fringes of urban areas.  It proposes that sustainability goals of a protected natural environment and a resilient economy can be achieved only with very compact city-building that includes an intimate mix of uses and housing types.  The Newburg model achieves overall density of 13,500 residents and jobs per square kilometre (35,000 per square mile), much higher than seen in almost all new communities. 

The Newburg document also shows how currently-occurring development on greenfield lands falls far short of meeting the critical issues of energy, environment and economy that residents and commerce will face in the 21st century. 

Newburg topics include housing diversity, non-residential integration into the community, sustainable transportation (including the unique pedway concept), the public realm and natural spaces, profitability for builders, and scaling Newburg to larger areas, as well as a selection of alternative development standards for the Newburg model.

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