Sustainable Urban Development Association (SUDA)


Invest In SUDA

SUDA uses the term ‘Invest” because that’s what your donations to our work are. Sustainable urban development will pay dividends in the form of environmental protection, a healthier quality of life, better transportation and housing options, lower energy costs, and more liveable communities.
Please note that the Sustainable Urban Development Association is a registered charity in Canada (registration number 863063293 RR0001).  As a result, your charitable investment can provide you with provincial and federal tax credits.  (For Ontario residents, charitable donations over $200 in a calendar year may result in a tax credit of about 40%; donations under $200 may result in a 21% tax credit.)
Contribute online by clicking on the following link, 
OR simply drop a cheque in the mail, payable to SUDA, addressed as follows:
Sustainable Urban Development Association
2637 Council Ring Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L5L 1S6
Thank you for helping us to make a difference.